The Organizing Committee wish to thank all the people who made this event possible.
First of all, we wish to warmly thank for the kind hospitality the Director of the National University Library of Torino, Dr. Roberto Di Carlo and the Director of the Bureau of Ancient Manuscrips and Rare Books, Dr. Franca Porticelli. Dr. Porticelly has been extraordinarily kind in all aspects of the organization and her help has been of central importance.

We also wish to thank all the technical staff of the National University Library for all the logistics and the technical staff of the CSI-Piemonte (Consortium for the Information Services) for the non-trivial support on the wireless connection. On this, a special thank goes to Luciano Gaido of INFN and Angela Re of the Division for the Information Service of the University of Torino, who have been instrumental in setting up a successful internet connection.

We also wish to thank Dr. Monica Accornero and Alessandro Cavallaro, of the University of Torino for logistic and technical support.

A really special goes to our students, who were so active and exceptional in their help during the Conference: Valentina De Romeri, Clyo Gulisano, Ginevra Favole, Stefano Camera, Riccardo Nicoletti.

Finally, last but not least, we wish to thank our wonderful secretaries for their unvaluable help: Gabriella Ardizzoia, of the Inter-University Consortium on Space Physics (CIFS), Simona Bortot, of INFN and Francesca Girotti, of the University of Torino. Without them it would have been impossible to organize such a successful event.