July 12

S. MyersThe CERN Large Hadron Collider
C. MunozModels of new physics for dark matter
S. ScopelSupersymmetric dark matter
G. PoleselloDark matter and the LHC
B. DuttaCosmological connection from accelerator experiments
R. MohapatraTheories beyond the Standard Model
E. LisiNeutrinos: phenomenological review and status
A. IbarraDecaying dark matter
J. KumarWIMPless dark matter
S. RolliLatest results from CDF and D0
F. HubautATLAS
J.P. ChouCMS
R. SnellingsALICE

July 13

A. Slosar Cosmological constraints
S. Hannestad Cosmic neutrinos
F. Iocco Constraining dark matter scenarios with CMB observations
S. Capozziello Dark energy
G. Angus Modified gravity and galaxies
G. La Vacca Mildly mixed coupled models
G. Yepes Numerical simulations: from galaxies to LSS
P. Belli Dark matter direct detection: the DAMA annual modulation results
V. Mandic Dark matter direct detection: CDMS
E. Pantic Dark matter direct detection: XENON100
M. Pato Systematic uncertainties in the determination of the local dark matter
J. Adams Neutrino telescopes: Icecube
T. Chiarusi ANTARES
S. Serego Alighieri Cosmological birefringence: a fundamental physics test
S.K. Kang Effects of large threshold corrections in supersymmetric type--I seesaw
S. Antusch Particle physics models of inflation in supergravity: new developments

July 14

J. Guy Supernova surveys
L. Guzzo Probing cosmology and dark energy with galaxy redshift surveys
S. Sarkar Asymmetric dark matter
M. Lindner KeV sterile neutrino dark matter in extensions of the Standard Model
B. Dasgupta Neutrinos and supernovae
G. Mangano Status of Big Bang Nucleosynthesis
P. Blasi Current status of cosmic rays physics
T. Porter FERMI diffuse gamma rays and propagation models
G. Parente AUGER
M. Boezio Antimatter in space
C. Volpe Search for CP violation in the lepton sector
J. Hartnell Long baselines neutrinos
M. Messina The T2K experiment in the context of LBL neutrino physics
D. Cline Long baseline neutrino physics and P decay at DUSEL

July 15

S. ZaroubiCosmology from radio observations
E. CocciaGravitational waves
R. AllahverdiInflation and the LHC
M. De NauroisGround-based gamma-ray telescopes
F. SanninoElectroweak symmetry breaking: scenarios and impact for cosmology
T. BringmannThermal decoupling of WIMPS
P. UllioMulti-wavelength dark matter searches
P. SerpicoLeptons in cosmic rays
J. LavalleAstrophysical issues in cosmic electron and positron fluxes
D. MaurinBaryonic antimatter in cosmic rays
L. PieriGamma-rays and dark matter
G. ZaharijasDark Matter constraints from the Fermi-LAT diffuse gammma ray data
R. CatenaBounds on evolution histories of the early Universe
A. SilvestriCosmological tests of General Relativity with tomographic surveys
S. CameraWeak gravitational lensing in modified gravity theories

July 16

C. BaccigalupiPLANCK
P. Di BariBaryo/Leptogenesys
C. FrenkOutlook from the astrophysics/cosmology viewpoint
A. MasieroOutlook from the particle physics viewpoint